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एक स्वर एक जुटता का ये नारा है,
स्व्छ सुंदर भारत ही संकल्प हमारा है,
ज़रूरी नहीं देश रक्षा ही देश भक्ति है,
देश की स्व्छ्ता भी उसकी शक्ति है,
अब तुम्हीं गौरव की चमक देश को सज़ा सकते हो,
बीमारियों से इस राष्ट्र को तुम्हीं बचा सकते हो।।

Few lines by our team member #Harsh Ranjan

our team organized a cycle rally from Noida sec 16 to India gate to promote awareness regarding cleanliness and also to promote the usage of cycles in our daily lives. After reaching India gate,we performed a short Street play on WASTE MANAGEMENT and CLEANLINESS AWARENESS. The play basically tells that,how we as citizens can contribute to the cleanliness of our surroundings.

#Performing Skit #Convincing Tourists and others to take Cleanliness Pledge, #distributing pamphlets’ to spread Awareness for Waste Management.
A Real Hard-work, well appreciated by one and all Present there. It got reflected by the response of our Cleanliness Pledge campaign. More than 150 persons signed the Pledge Banner.