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Since this year has come to an end all your efforts to survive through it will be visible as piles of notes in your bedroom. There are stacks of them and some of them might not even be useful now. Ever wondered what to do with the piles and piles of *paper waste*, *raddi*…Don’t throw them away.

Please do lots of people a favour by *DONATING* them. Team *Donation Club* and *Jaago Bharat* intend to create notebooks by recycling your waste and hence provide a small term employment opportunity to lesser privileged sections of our society.

Wondering where to donate.??
We are at your service. Please do donate before going for holidays and make someone happy.

Kindly fill out your details below and we will be happy to pickup up your donations at your convenience.

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Chirag : 9899668723
Akash : 9582071411