About Project 

From 2016 our NGO used to conduct cleanliness drive. In our drive we also segregate wet waste and dry waste. The wet waste was given to cow to eat and dry waste was given to small recyclers.

In 2018 we started our project known as Wet waste composting, we had made our wet waste composter to promote home composting.

In 2020 we started to search for a society level composting project. In Oct 2021 we implement vermicompost model in GRADS International School, Gr Noida.

What is the project about

Wet waste is totally biodegradable and is good for soil if decomposed properly. We have come up with a solution to decompose your wet waste. 

Home composting : We have the Wet Waste Composter that can convert your wet waste (Only Kitchen Wet Waste) into fertiliser in 30 to 40 days by using a small and easy process given by us. 

Vermicomposting: If you want to implement a composting model for your society or institution then Vermicomposting is the best solution. We provide technical as well as help you to implement the vermi. Plant in your premise.

Why we need this

According to Times of India Noida generates 600 tonnes of solid waste every day. According to solid waste management rules 2016 every waste generator or gated societies or institution (more than 5000 sq m) has to ensure segregation of the waste in separate bins, handover recyclable material to authorised recyclers, processing of biodegradable waste into manure.

We help individual waste generator or society/ institution to start making compost from their wet waste.

What problems are we solving ?

  • Waste generation : According to NITI Aayog and CSE,  it is estimated that urban India generates between 1,30,000 to 1,50,000 metric tonne (MT) of municipal solid waste every day – some 330-550 gramme per urban inhabitant a day. This adds up to roughly 50 million MT per year; at current rates, this will jump to some 125 million MT a year by 2031.  All over India 30 per. waste is properly disposed rest is untreated.

By using our techniques you can atleast reduce your society/ home wet waste.

  • Water Contamination: Due to open waste thrown on streets, landfill it’s polluting the ground water like Chromium 6 is coming out from borewell at Tamil Nadu.
  • Air pollution due to landfill catching fire: Recent examples Ghazipur and Bhalswa landfill sites burning for more than a week.

Health problem & death also occurs for rag pickers living near the landfill sites.

What  we get after installing or doing this

  • It creates good awareness among people and fulfil our motto “मेरा कचरा मेरी जिम्मेदारी “
  • We learnt a lot of technical things from this project also the NGO members were able to make a ‘Smart Wet waste composter’ as their final year project in college.
  • Our composter has been awarded second prize in Regional science & technology exhibition by UP govt.

  • Jb establishes a process / system of Team secretary, ambassadors, gardeners, school teacher, students to monitor the model of Vermicomposting in GRADS school. The system involving certain checks and balances in which every role is defined for every level, makes the model sustainable and long lasting.

Feedback from people

More than 12 families across Noida, Greater Noida region are using our wet waste composter and their feedback are:-

 Mrs. Madhu ji from sector 47 NOIDA. 

“Jaago Bharat NGO ka home composter with starting kit is very useful and easy to handle. It has two pot with 10-15 holes and two stands to keep under matkas. Very gud social initiative by Jaago Bharat and its volunteers. I purchased it immediately when I saw it and using to process our wet kitchen waste daily.”

Mrs Garima Tripathi ji from homes 121 Noida. 

“We are preparing manure from wet waste in these composters for last one year. This is very easiest and simplest method of home Composting.

Mr Ashok Kumar from Greater Noida

“This is the most easy way of home composting. You can start composting in your home as their is no smell or insects nearby it. I do wish more people would take it on- its so easy.”

And many more.

Vermicomposting Inauguration at GRADS School


GRADS International school for creating a good mechanism in which school teachers, students, gardeners all participated.

Impact in terms of numbers

Home composting:

As 12 families started composting so 21.6 kg of wet waste per day started converting into manure.

(1 family has generates 1.8kg of waste per day)

Instead buying manure they starting making their own manure from their kitchen waste to grow vegetables in their gardens.


Grads school starts converting their garden waste to manure and generates approx 9 kg of manure every month

(The major source of waste for GRADS  is garden waste plus the rotten vegetables, so 50 to 60 kg of garden waste generated per month.

As per calculation  1 tonne of compostable waste gives 150 Kg of compost.)

They also started using manure in their garden, earlier they use to buy manure and now they are converting their garden waste to highly enriched black manure.