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Jaago Bharat primarily aims to bring the deplorable condition of Our Public Health, Education, and Transportation System, in the forefront.

Our Health and Education system are the places where a citizen becomes, actually aware of the Inequality. Its high time that we understand the importance of an efficient and affordable, Public Healthcare and Education System, and work towards attaining the same. It is our Duty and need of the time to coax the government to provide quality education and Healthcare system.

Secondly, to achieve our dream of being a developed nation. We need to free our political system from the vermins of casteism and religious prejudices.

And, last but not the least, we need to realize that if Fundamental Rights is the Heart of a Democracy, Fundamental Duties are its Soul.

Jaago Bharat was established to bring in the forefront the issues which are relevant for any developed society/nation but are left out in oblivion.

To see our great nation as one among the developed nations.


The pillars of any developed nation are

      • World-class public education system.
      • World-class public health system.
      • World-class public transport system.